Cumann Bhata’s Recreational Violence Weekend

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Class descriptions…so far


 Footpad and the Cane Taught by Ken Pfrenger

On August 20, 1905 a periodical named “The San Fransico Call” published an article titled “The Footpad and the Cane”. This short piece opens with a quote from an ex-chief of police by the name of Captain Wittman: “It is strange how few men who carry a cane are held up.” The article then goes on the outline a system of self defense using and Irish method of stick play with six photographs and a few thousand words. For it’s brevity, this articles does a great job of setting forth a brief but compelling take on Irish stickplay in America.

In this class we will be taking a look at this article and the system of defense presented in it’s entirety. Stick vs stick ans well as stick vs empty hand will be covered. For those of you who have some experience with Irish shillelagh work in one form or another, this will be different than what you are used to. This particular style is less recreational and more violent, looking to end an encounter as quickly as possible. There is also more of a fencing feeling to this method than the with the other forms of Irish cudgel play.

What will you need for this class? A cane sized stick (no crook handled canes) . We will have some to loan out so don’t be too concerned if you are stickless.

What can you expect to get out of this class? With a little hard work and study you should be able to leave this one hour class with a brief but complete system of defense with a shillelagh.

 Classic Pugilism as a Physical Culture System

How to use methods and techniques from Classic Pugilism to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance without beating up each other. (This is inspired by and based on the theories developed by Bob Spraley and his Juido system.)

Test cutting

There are many things to consider when weighing the the choice to test cut such as the purpose, the media, the weapons, and *SAFETY* factors.

Open to experienced martial artists and beginners alike. Participants are encouraged to bring their own weapons to test cut with but said weapons WILL be subject to instructor review and may be rejected for any reason. Blades for test cutting will be provided for those who do not supply (or risk) their own.

Safety will be paramount and a good time will be had by all.

Did I mention that it’ll be fun?


Bowie knife trainer required


Montante sword trainer required or a five foot dowel rod

Broadsword Sparring Tactics

Single stick of broadsword trainer required.

Sgian Dubh Treachery

Small training knife required. We will have a few to loan out.

Russian All Round Fighting style fisticuffs

Traditional Russian style fisticuffs (boxing). No experience or equipment needed. If you have focus gloves then bring them. We will work on basic one on one fighting and some institutional and group drills. THis class will push the limits of coordination and concentration at times but you will walk away with a a few new ways to look at things.



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