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RV Weekend 10!!!!!!






June 7-8 2014 at Poplar Grove recreation area Andover Ohio Pymatuning State Park.


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Update for RVW IX

Instructors and classes as of today:

Randal Gustitis – Thi-bowie and Montante
Kirk Lawson – Test cutting and Classic Pugilism as a Physical Culture System
Chris Thompson – Broadsword Sparring Tactics” Sgian Dubh Treachery”
Ken Pfrenger – Footpad and the Cane and Russian All Round Fisticuffs
Tim Anderson – something knife related

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RVweekend IX INFO

This years event will be at the same location as previous events…Pymatuning State Park Andover Ohio Poplar Grove Area. Cost $20

Instructor list so far:

Ken Pfrenger

Randal Gustitis

Kirk Lawson

John Enzinas

Christ Thompson

Classes (more to be added)

Dirty Boxing
Test Cutting
Broadsword Sparring Tactics
Sgian Dubh Treachery
Footpad and the Cane
Spear vs Armour


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2 new classes:
Friday night – Figueiredo’s Montante taught by Randal GUstitis
and Sunday…Kirk Lawson will be running a session of test cutting so bring your sharp toys.

Friday’s two classes will be held 8PM my home:at
9150 Stanhope Ln Kinsman OH
If anyone needs to contact me, my cell: 330 219 4151

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Updated class listings

Subject to change, but here is what we have so far for this year:

Kirk Lawson: Slungshot
Randal Gustitis: Von Auerswald
Allen Reed: Look out he has a short stick
Josh Little: Reaction from the bind
John Sullivan: “Sticking with the Basics”
John Enzinas: Messer
Ken Pfrenger: Footpad and the cane
Tim Anderson: Close quarter knife
Brian Sutton: Bayonet                                                                                                                                                                                              Fibbing for fun and profit Taught by Ken Pfrenger

Read descriptions here: ‎


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RV Weekend VIII so far…

Confirmed instructors:

John Enzinas

Randal Gustitis

Kirk Lawson

Josh Little

Allen Reed

Ken Pfrenger


Confirmed classes so far…

Look out, he has a short stick



We will be adding more instructors and classes with descriptions in the weeks to come. The cost of the weekend will be an earth shattering $15 for 2 intense days of training.

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Date for Rec Violence VIII

August 11-12 2012…the official date for The 8th Annual Recreational Violence Weekend! More info soon.

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After Action Report

Finally caught up on my sleep enough to post…

Great time this past weekend sharing, learning, getting together with old friends and making new ones. Let me just jump right into the classes.

James Klock first gave us Ringkunst or Medieval German Wrestling…fun class. James is a teacher by trade and it shows through in his ability to get an idea across plus he makes a wicked mead!

Josh Little then taught Obsessio & Schützen – Bringing the Gap in I.33. This was my first class ever with sword and buckler. I enjoyed much more than I thought I would and wish I would have looked into this earlier…much fun.

Next up Meyer’s Dussack with Randal Gustitis…nice class with about a years worth of information crammed into it. I just wish I was able to absorb all of it or at least more than I did. Some new insight gained regardless of how much I missed.

Next Blackwatch Tomahawk with Chris Thompson. Anti-pugilism manual performed with the hawk. Violent and to the point, just how i like it.

Kirk Lawson, Military saber to bowie. Kirk took us through three military saber manuals first with sword then with bowie. We got to see what translated well and what did not and what needed tweaked. Great idea for a class.

Last class for Saturday- Dan Kanagie took us through Paradosiakos Pagratio Kato…basically controlling our opponent on the ground and beating the crap out of him. What more could I ask for in a class?

Sunday’s classes were all one hour and there were fewer and we were thankful.

Jointlocks and Other Body Distortions with Randal Gustitis. Randal took the Buza he showed us last year and used it as an entry point for some interesting joint locks and body manipulations from ROSS. I have been working the Buza some this last year so it was nice to put it into action.

Meyer’s Rapier with John Enzinas. Both John and Craig Shackleton (who was assisting him) took us through some of the basics and a few plays from Meyer’s rapier section…like with the earlier I.33 class, i was surprised by how much I enjoyed this class.

Next up Close quarter knife with Tim Anderson. Just as it sounds…we were up close and personal working the knife in one of the most fun classes of the entire weekend. A few of us came out a little worse for wear but it was well worth it.

Last class was me teaching sambo. Since most of the people who were able to stay till the end were of the swordy variety, I decided to work mostly standing grappling at the jacket so it would be more useful to them. It was scheduled to be the first class of the weekend but I swapped out since a few people had to leave earlier than planned. I tried to tone it down but just by the nature it turned out to be fairly demanding but hopefully some people were able to take something home.

The weather was nice for a change and the alcohol consumption was up…but I think it was mostly due to my wife’s accelerated consumption. Our highland cattle made to break outs during the weekend. Chris Thompson and I caught her the first time but on Sunday it took, Randal, Chris, Craig and I quite some time to corral both cow and calf. I am sure a you tube clip should be showing up any tme now thanks to Mr Little.

Overall a good weekend, no injuries worse than a bruise,scratch or two, lot’s of new takes on things and more conversation than can be digested in a lifetime. of course we are already talking about next year.

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Full class list and schedule are now up on the site.

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Rec Violence VII Update

We have a number of classes and instructors confirmed!

Meyer Dussack


Military sabers link to bowie knife

Tomahawk according to Anti-pugilism manual

Irish sparth axe in 10 lessons

Confirmed instructors: Ken Pfrenger, Randal Gustitis, Chris Thompson, Dan Kanagie, Kirk Lawson, Josh Little.

More to come shortly.

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