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RV Weekend VI June 19-20

We have set the date for the 6th annual Recreational Violence Weekend as June 19th and 20th. We are still looking to hold it at the same place as the last four years…Poplar Grove site at Pymatuning Lake Park in Andover Ohio.

Fee: $15

Confirmed instructors this year:

Kirk lawson

Dan Kanagie

Ken Pfrenger

Chris Thompson

Randal Gustitis (Almost confirmed)

Matt Sparks (again, almost confirmed)

Allen Reed

This year we are focusing on knife and empty hand. Some classes in the works…combat knife throwing, test cutting, Russian knife play, Russian fisticuffs, catch wresting, unarmed defense using highland broadsword principles…more to come soon.

We thought it would be nice for a change to only have to carry a minimal amount of gear, this should make for a different sort of week end and an interesting one as well.

We also want to make sure we have time for some Broadsword League bouts…  hopefully Saturday night.

If there is an interest I would like to run a Irish cudgel class on Friday night or Saturday night.

There are several motels and bed and breakfasts in the area as well as camping including cabins and yurts. I also have an extra house that is as good of a place as any to throw a sleeping bag on the floor and crash. Last year we had a lucky 13 crash in my training area for the night.

Keep an eye on this site for further updates.


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