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5th Annual Recreational Violence Weekend

The official date is set at July 11-12 2009. I am still working on the exact location. Most likely it will be held once again at the Poplar Grove area of Pymatuning State park on Andovover Ohio.

There is a chance it will be held on my property, but since I am in the middle of a move I am not sure if that is going to work out yet. I will keep everyone updated.

Nice line up of instructors this year:

Steve Huff, Kirk Lawson, Allen Reed, Josh Little, Randal Gustitis, Chris Thompson and Ken Pfrenger


Confirmed classes:

Mountain axe, Pole axe, messer, cutlass, Tomahawk and longknife, shasqua..yes 3 axe like classes and possibly 4!

We are still working on some details for the rest of the classes, should be a great time.

Cost:If this is held again at Pymatuning the cost will be $20 for both days if held on my property $10 for both…really the only goal here is to cover expenses and have fun.


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