Cumann Bhata’s Recreational Violence Weekend

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Weekend wrap up

The weekend is finally far enough passed that I can honestly say I have caught up on my missed sleep enough to want to sit in front of a keyboard for a few minutes…..

Fairly low turnout again this year but that is fine by me…..while it is always nice to have alot of people it is probably more enjoyable to have smaller classes where we get to go over the material in a bit more depth and faster than with big classes. Profit is not really the goal of this event and we did at least break even just like every year past so I am happy with that.

I drank more than I should have and slept less than was wise but at least the Gods of outdoor seminar ruination took it easy on us this year and we missed all the predicted rain….they did send us record high temps but that was nothing that a dip in the adjacent lake between classes could not take care of. I think the weather luck may have had something to do with Chris Thompson not being there…his papercutting tendencies were likely the cause of all of our weather woes.

I want to publically thank all the instructors and participants who came out this year. The classes were great and it seems like everyone had a good time. We’ll do it again next year for sure.


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